Anything that relates to how I feel..


I tried to OD last night… Successfully OD’d. Failed to die.

I walked downstairs and barley spoke two words to my dad before he freaked out on me. My voice level was steady and he screamed at me for raising my voice. All I said back was I didn’t raise my voice, and he said you are you’re doing it now. I was just starting to cry I wasn’t raising my voice. I bit my tongue and went up stairs and he screamed at me for that and told me to go back into the kitchen. I had to sit there for five minutes listening to how much of a horrible daughter I am. I didn’t even do anything but tell my mom I didn’t like getting a call four minutes after school asking where I am so you can use the car because obviously you know where I just was so much hasn’t changed. And she got pissed off when I was being polite about it. And now dad’s mad about that. I hate my life. This is an everyday thing. I get screamed at and told how shitty I am every day. I added five cuts to my thighs. I hate it here. I can’t stop crying. I hate it.

All I want is someone to hug me and tell me everything is gonna be okay :(